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The Lock is Lit Podcast

Started in 2014, this is the pinball podcast for idiots, by idiots.  Click the logo to check out it's website!


Lock is Lit Pinball Podcast

Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 118 (Sun, 02 Apr 2017)
In this episode, we get together with George "GW" Whittaker of Big Fun Amusements, and Gene Wills to discuss the latest pinball machines from Stern, JJP, Heighway Pinball, Planetary Pinball, Spooky Pinball, and American Pinball.   Keep up with Big Fun Amusements via George's Facebook page, as he posts anything for sale there first:
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 117 (Fri, 03 Feb 2017)
In this exciting, action packed episode, we discuss new pins by Stern, playfield issues, and do a rather long segment on boutique pinball companies!   Stern Aerosmith pin:   Batman '66 issues, more issues throughout this thread:   Pinside thread on Boutique pinball:   Kevin Kulek in court:   Skit-B Discussion on Pinside:   Scoregasm Master from Day One Pinball:   Captain Nemo from Quetzel Pinball:   Pythons Pinball Circus from Circus Maximus:   Medieval Madness Remake by Planetary Pinball:   Magic Girl Pinball by Zidware:   The Big Lebowski/BOP 2.0 by Dutch Pinball:   Full Throttle/Alien Pinball by Heighway Pinball:   Wrath of Olympus by Riot Pinball:   Lexy Lightspeed by Multimorphic:   Timeshock by Silver Castle Pinball:   Thunderbirds by Homepin:   Pinball Gremlins by Vonnie D. Pinball:   Wrath of Cthulu by Rebel Unit:   Spooky Pinball:   And finally, Pinfest 2017:        
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 116 (Fri, 11 Nov 2016)
We are indeed back!  In this long delayed episode, we discuss Pinfest 2016, new pin purchases, and we have an interview with Ed Klemp of The Pinball Lounge in Ovieda, FL!!   A huge shoutout to our new sponsor Big Fun Amusements, West Virginia's premier Jersey Jack Pinball dealer!!  Check them out here:   Also, for your enjoyment: The Pinball Lounge   Batman '66 Information   Ghostbusters Issue Thread  
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 115 (Sun, 24 Apr 2016)
Join us to a long delayed episode 115!  We discuss the Arkansas warehouse raid that we went on over the winter, a lot of new pin acquisitions, and other random things that have been going on.  We will also have a booth/table at Pinfest 2016 in Allentown PA on May 5th, and 6th, so stop by and visit us!! We also talk about the future of the show going forward.   This is the documentary on the final days of Williams pinball division.  A must watch! Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball   The Piniwiki list of vehicles that a pin will fit in:   Pinfest 21016:   First Arkansas video, which we codenamed "Arkantana"   Second Arkansas trip video:
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 114 (Sun, 29 Nov 2015)
Join us in this very special Thanksgiving episode as we give thanks to the wonderful people that allow us to have this amazing hobby, our wives! Guests in this episode are:  Rick & Tara Taylor, George "G.W." & Theresa Whittaker, Gene & Wendy Wills, and me, Marc, & my wife Shelley.  We also ask some questions to get a woman's perspective on pinball, & the pinball hobby!   Check out the Amigos podcast!       L to R: Shelley & Marc Johnston, Rick & Tara Taylor, Theresa & George Whittaker, Wendy & Gene Wills   L to R: Gene, George, Daryl, Rick, & Marc
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 113 (Wed, 04 Nov 2015)
In this episode, I invite my long time friend Ken Lilly on the show for conversations about about arcade collecting in the 1990's, and of course pinball!  We introduce a new show segment, "Stupid Ebay Stuff", and also welcome a behind the scenes episode editor/commentator, Vic, the podcast droid.   We have mentioned them before, but Holland Computers sells some good multicade boards:   This what we were talking about, when we discussed Omega Race:   Ken's Games:           Flipper McCoys:     Ebay Auctions:   Police Force   Black Hole Ramp disk???   Michael Jordan pin:   Centaur 2 (never heard of it)
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 112 (Tue, 27 Oct 2015)
Rick and I make a triumphant return to the studio in this epic episode filled with epic awesomeness! New show segment "Pin O' the Month" where we discuss the history behind Gottlieb's 1981 Black Hole! We also discuss a long distance trip to Pennsylvania to pick up a Hurricane pin, what else we have been up to, and what the future holds!     The best Black Hole pin in the galaxy, mine!   Joe Cicak's original sketch for Black Hole: The original Black Hole prototype:   Dragon's Lair whitewood (the only pic I could find):   Critical Mass:   Critical Mass history, and rebirth: Joe Cicak's presentation A Pinball Expo 2006:
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Behind the Scenes (Thu, 01 Oct 2015)
Join me as I take the mic, and go solo without the dead weight Rick.  I go into how I got started in podcasting, and how we make such an epic*  show such as ours.   A all new regular** show is in the works, so stay tuned!   The Blue Yeti   Novation Launchpad   Audio Technica ATM27HE   Behringer Eurorack Mixer   Tascam DR-05 Custom Soundboard App   *Level of epicness may vary. **Normallness not guaranteed.
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 111 (Wed, 22 Apr 2015)
In this long awaited episode, we discuss what all we have been up to since our last episode in January.  We recap the 2015 Ohio Pinball Show, talk about a new-in-box Stern pin purchase, and discuss my trip to Asheville, NC to re-visit the Asheville Pinball Museum. Want to add better sound to your pins for fairly cheap?  We also discuss adding a powered subwoofer instead of costly full speaker upgrades.   Checkout APM's site Asheville Pinball Museum   Be sure to check out the CoinBox Pinball Podcast, and their main site East Side Pinball!   The Coin Op Hall of Fame grand opening  May 23rd & 24th!   This is the powered sub that I ordered from Amazon: Polk Audio PSW-10 Powered Sub   And some threads on Pinside about adding external subs:
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 110 (Sun, 04 Jan 2015)
Happy New Year!   On this long delayed episode, we talk a bit about what we've been up to the past couple months, and what we hope 2015 brings us.   We also announce a new contest!  Make sure you listen to the end of the podcast for a pinball sound snippet.  Email us your guess as to what pinball machine this sound is from, and if you are correct, you'll be entered in to win a 3 pack of LED pop bumper rings courtesy of Comet Pinball, and a custom shooter rod of your choice from Wizard Amusement! Comet Pinball Pop Bumper Rings! Wizard Amusement Shooter Rods!   We will be attending the 2015 Ohio Pinball Show, check them out here! 2015 Ohio Pinball Show   We will also be hitting the auctions again this year. Auction Game Sales   And this is the very useful fuse/circuit breaker mod:  
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 109 (Mon, 22 Sep 2014)
Join us as we invite our friends Marc Crouse, Roger Deem, and Gene Wills on to the show in our very first roundtable discussion.  On this episode, we discuss our memories of arcades from our youth, our favorite games, and the current state of arcades today.       Elmer's Rotted Wood Stabilizer The wood repair glue Roger mentions. Elmer's Rotted Wood Stabilizer   Sega Mach Storm Good representation of how much arcade games cost the operators nowadays. $30,000 will buy you this!   Sega Mach Storm
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 108 (Mon, 11 Aug 2014)
In this episode, we talk a bit about how the Power Up Retro Video Gaming convention went, and also discuss how to use LED strips to liven up your pinball machine!   T2 LED Strip   Roller Disco Before/After T2 before and after LED strips/bulbs   LED Strips @ Amazon These are blue, but you can get them in any color.  $8!!   RGD LED Strip Kit @ Amazon This is the RGB kit we talked about.   8 Way Terminal Block Nice way to hook up more than one strip to a single 12v power source.   Comet Pinball New sponsor!  Check them out!
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Episode 107b Lock is Lit News Special Report! (Sun, 13 Jul 2014)
Many thanks to Ben Durfee for allowing Lock is Lit to interview him about the upcoming Power Up Retro Video Gaming Convention, in Huntington, WV on August 2nd!
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 107 (Thu, 10 Jul 2014)
In this episode, we finally announce the winner of our shooter rod contest, talk a bit about the upcoming Power Up Retro Video Game Convention in Huntington, WV, and we run down through a list of tools you will need to maintain your pins.  When is a pin to far gone to save?  We talk a bit about this, and much, much more in this fun filled episode!   Power Up Retro Gaming Convention August 2nd, from 12-5 in Huntington, WV   Harbor Freight Need some cheap tools?   Project Pinball Tournament in Fairmont, WV July 27th, 9am.  Sounds like a fun time!   Pana-Vise Electronic Work Center @ Amazon The circuit board holder mentioned in the show.
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 106 (Sun, 08 Jun 2014)
In this episode, we invite our good friend Gene Wills into the studio!  Rick interviews his daughter, Emma "Russell" Taylor to get her views on pinball, we discuss the trip we took to Coin Op warehouse, and recap the pinball tournament Rick threw for his daughter's 7th birthday!!   Coin Op Warehouse Facebook page Lloyd @ Coin Op has some great deals, but you have to act fast!   Throwback Network! Your one stop shop for retro podcast needs!   Wizard Amusement Check out our sponsor Wizard Amusement.  Nice custom shooter rods!  
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 105 (Wed, 28 May 2014)
In this episode, we make a trip down to the Asheville Pinball Museum in scenic Asheville, North Carolina!  Rick has some adventures involving shipping a pin from Florida to West Virginia, and we announce an exciting new contest!!!!!!   Wizard Amusement Many thanks to our new sponsor for providing us with a couple shooter rods, as well as one to give away!  They also restore, service, and sell classic pinball machines!  Check them out, and tell Mike Lock is Lit sent ya!   Asheville Pinball Museum Located in downtown Asheville, right by the Grove Arcade (no, not THAT type of arcade).  They have over 35 machines set on free play.  $10 let's you play till you have blistas on yer fingas!   The Pinheadz Pinball Podcast There are a lot of pinball podcasts out there, but this one is waaay above the rest.  Tune in and listen to Rod, Gaz, and Pinball Stevie give you a down under take on pinball.  They are only on episode 5, but they have the podcast thing nailed.  It is also very interesting to hear about the pin scene in Australia.  Soon as you finish up with our episode, go there!!   STI/CRST Pinball Shipping Need a pinball shipped?  These are the recommended guys.
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 104 (Wed, 07 May 2014)
In episode 102, we gave you some ideas on where to buy your first pin.  In this episode, we discuss things you need to bring with you when you go to pick up your pin, and also items to check before you even think about plugging your new pin in. Unfortunately, we also give you cave like voice quality, and laptop fan noise! We have been trying new ways to record the show with both of us in the same room, and we just haven’t got it down yet. Can’t blame the Yeti mics, just our idiocy. We do apologize, and bear with us, as it will get better…we hope. :) Very good prices and good quality on LEDs!  Check out Comet Pinball:   Florida area forum that has a pretty good pinball/arcade classifieds section:   For all of your retro video gaming needs in southern WV, check out PixelNation Retro Videogame Store!
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 103 (Sun, 13 Apr 2014)
Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 103 "The Pearisburg Incident"   In this episode, we update you a bit on new pins that we have purchased, and take you on a wild ride to a garage in Pearisburg.  Oh my.   If you are interested in any of the pins/games that are mentioned in the podcast, please call Katy @ 1-260-267-5483.  This is primarily her voicemail line, but leave her a message, and she will get back to you.  Don't forget to let her know that Rick and Marc sent you.  Thanks!   Also, thanks to our show sponsor, TJ's Fancy Caps!!
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 102 (Tue, 11 Mar 2014)
In this episode, we talk about where to find your first pin, and what to look for when you find it.  Ebay, Craigslist, Online Forums, etc, it all gets covered in this hour long episode!
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Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 101 (Sun, 09 Feb 2014)
Welcome to the Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 101 In this episode, we will discuss why we decided to do a podcast, our pin history, and other super cool subjects!
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